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What to do in and around Mojacar

Mojacar is divided into two very distinct parts: the Playa (beach) and the Pueblo (old town).

Beach Beach Beach Mojacar Playa has excellent sands, stretching for several miles and a fine promenade along the seashore at the southern end. Moving up the seafront there is a small area of cosmopolitan beach bars and a couple of discos frequented by Spanish and foreign young people and then a road going up to Mojacar Pueblo, the old town. At the crossroads where this road meets the beach is the Parque Commercial, an attractive modern complex which houses some very nice shops and outdoor cafes.

Old Town Old Town Old Town Mojacar Pueblo is a typical Andalucian village of white Moorish houses clustered on a steep hill. There is a magnificent view from the balcony in the town square and several pleasant bars and restaurants. Restaurants also abound on the beach and whilst there are some English ones, there are also plenty of Spanish restaurants where the price of a three course meal ranges from about 10 upwards.

There are many places to visit and different things to do close to Mojacar - these are just some of them:
- watch the catch coming in early every evening at Garrucha, the neighbouring small fishing port;
- enjoy the aquapark at Vera Playa, about 3kms away;
- visit the Alhambra and Generalife in the city of Granada - it is about two hours away inland, so a visit can be done in a day;
- going south the nature reserve of the Cabo de Gato is excellent for birdwatchers;
- closer to home there is good walking or horse riding in the local hills;
- the beaches are rarely crowded as this area is rarely seen in package holiday brochures, and the sea has many facets, sometimes warm and calm, and sometimes quite challenging and choppy. Swimming is possible through to early November. There are the usual watersports on the beach in the summer season and pleasant snorkelling off the coves at the southern end of the playa;
- enjoy High Noon re-enacted at Mini-Hollywood, inland by Tabernas, where some of the old spaghetti westerns were filmed.

Far more information is available when you get to the actual flat. Also our Visitors' Book is full of recommendations and advice on places to go to, where the best meals can be found, and which of the nightspots is currently in vogue. If you want to do more research before you go, check out some of these Mojacar websites with more local listings and information.

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