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Around the world

James Name: James
Nationality: British
Age: 39
Occupation: Web Project Manager
Name: Kate
Nationality: British
Age: 39
Occupation: Physiotherapist / Mum

We used to live in London, but in mid-1999 made a break for it. Having spent many hours poring over maps of the world, and many evenings staying in to save money, we set off in July.

Our plan was to travel overland across 3 continents. We settled for South-East Asia (ok - part of a continent!), Australasia and South America. Why? Because we wanted to learn to scuba dive somewhere warm, celebrate New Year's Eve 2000 in Sydney, party hard at Carnaval in Brazil and walk the Inca Trail in Peru. Oh - and to experience some other cultures and see some new places.

The seasons were with us, and we managed to enjoy nine months of summer. A year later, and we made it back to good old, cold, England. The trip of a lifetime? Oh yes!