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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you think is worthy of inclusion but hasn't been mentioned, let us know by clicking here.
How do I get to Mojacar?
Do I need to rent a car?
Is the water safe to drink?
Is the sea safe to swim in?
What is the weather like?
Can I take my children?
Can I smoke in the flat?
Is there a supermarket?
What's the nightlife like?
Are there many restaurants?
Is there a hospital?
Can I buy an English newspaper in Mojacar?
Can I make a telephone call home from Mojacar?
Can I get information on Mojacar from other websites?

How do I get to Mojacar? The quickest way is to fly to Almeria airport. The other closest airports are Murcia, Alicante and Malaga. Whichever you arrive at, we've found it best to hire a car - there are good motorways from all 4 airports. This site contains maps and directions from all four. Coaches running the coastal route are relatively cheap, but not that frequent. Mojacar has no train station, so we don't recommend the train! For Almeria only, if there are a large group of you it may be reasonably economical to hire a minibus taxi on arrival. Hitching has been tried without too much success in the past, and is not recommended.

Do I need to rent a car? This depends on your attitude to walking. A car isn't essential since the beach is only 1km downhill from the flat, and there are regular cheap public buses plying the route along the beachfront and up to the Old Town. There are 2 bars & restaurants and a mini-store with provisions right by the flat, and loads more bars, restaurants and supermarkets down at the beach. However hiring a car is great for getting around and seeing more of the area, visiting some out of the way beaches, and doing the shopping. It's definitely a good idea for a young family. Plus it saves you having to walk up the hill after a day on the beach. It's your call.
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Is the water safe to drink? It's relatively safe but it doesn't taste great. Bottled water is safest for drinking. It can be bought in all supermarkets, but you can get it for free by taking your empty bottles up to la fuenta publica (public fountain) in the Old Town. The tap water is fine for cleaning teeth, showering, etc.

Is the sea safe to swim in? Yes - there can be some slightly big waves in places (find somewhere calmer if the beach patrol's red flags are flying), but the water is generally clean. Mojacar's beachfront runs along for about 7km, so there are plenty of places to choose from, before you've even considered driving off-road to discover some of the more secluded spots.
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What is the weather like? As it's situated in the south-east corner of Spain, Mojacar is generally hot and dry. Summer temperatures are usually around 20°C to 35°C. Winter nights are cooler, but still far warmer than the UK, at around 10°C to 15°C. It rarely rains. To get an idea of today's weather you can visit this website on Spanish weather - tick the tick boxes for "Localidades" and "Maxima" to see temperatures - "Alm" (Almeria), bottom right is the closest city to Mojacar.

Can I take my children? Absolutely. The flat is equipped with a double room, a twin room, and a sofa bed in the front room. The pool, tennis court, and 2 bars & restaurants are all within 2 minutes of the front door. There's some basic tennis racquets, beach mats, beach toys and a parasol in the cupboard for general use (bring your own beach towels). There are watersports actvities on the beach in front of the Pueblo Indalo, which itself attracts English families and has evening entertainment. Please note - we don't have cots or high-chairs for babies in the flat. You may be able to hire these though, from Sunshine Equipment Hire (637 465506)
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Can I smoke in the flat? No - it's a non-smoking flat. Sorry! But there is always the great outdoors...

Is there a supermarket? Yes - there are two mini-stores less than 1 minute from the front door in La Parata, stocking the basics. Alternatively there are several supermercados along the beach, stocking both local products and UK ones like Heinz baked beans and Ribena.
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What's the nightlife like? Firstly, Spaniards eat fairly late, and dinner itself can be lengthy and lively affair, if you so desire. There's a cosmopolitan mix of bars concentrated in a few areas of the beachfront, plus 2 or 3 discos frequented by Spanish and foreign young people. The Old Town with its winding streets and various bars is a great place to wander round at night. Venues seem to spring up and also disappear from year to year - the Visitors' Book normally has the latest recommendations.

Are there many restaurants? Yes, serving foods for pretty much all palates (i.e. you can still get something homely like chicken & chips or spaghetti bolognese if that flicks your switch). Many serve great local seafood, and there are a few places we'd recommend in the Old Town, and in the neighbouring towns. Also there are some nice tapas bars and a FANTASTIC ice cream parlour (Alberto's) on the playa. Again the Visitors' Book in the flat usually lists the latest recommended venues.
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Is there a hospital? There is a centro medical at the cross-roads up to the Old Town, and the Roja Cruz (Red Cross) are opposite the Pueblo Indalo on the main stretch of the beach. The nearest hospital is the splendid new facility at Huercal Overa, about 25km away towards Murcia.

Can I buy an English newspaper in Mojacar? Yes - and normally the current day's edition - from the Pueblo Indalo and nearby supermarket/beach shops.
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Can I make a telephone call home from Mojacar? Yes - there's no telephone in the flat but there are telecabinas along the playa which accept cash and/or phonecards (you can purchase these from most shops/newsagents). Otherwise set your mobile up for roaming!

Can I get information on Mojacar from other websites? Yes - try any of the following:
Spanish weather - tick the tick boxes for "Localidades" and "Maxima" to see temperatures - "Alm" (Almeria), bottom right is the closest city to Mojacar.
Foreign Office - a page of info and advice for trips to Spain
Turespaņa - Spanish Tourist Board - what's on in and around Mojacar - the portal for Eastern Almeria, with info on surrounding villages and local events listings - local and regional info (click on the Surrounding Area link) - official website of Turismo Andaluz, with regional info - info on the villages of Almeria, the Province of Almeria, the Natural Parks of Almeria and the Costa Almeria
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