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Thanks to the internet, we were able to send home mails of our adventures. Maybe not the most welcome thing for our friends & family back home to read at work on a Monday morning, they gave us a lot of pleasure to write. And hopefully gave people a flavour of our adventures.

As you can see, the longer we were away, the more carried away we go with writing. Must've been all that reading. Hope you like them...

South East Asia Australasia South America
1. Sowaadii Cap/Kha!!
2. Pre-Vietnam
3. Xin chao from Ho Chi Minh City
4. Good Morning Vietnam....
5. Boring boring beaches
6. We're from Zurich
7. Surf's up in Bali

1. Whingeing Poms & thieving Aussie bastards!
2. Our motor - Phoenix
3. Sydneysider
4. Merry Christmas from Down Under
5. Part 1 - Countdown to Xmas
6. Part 2 - Xmas Sydney style
7. Part 3 - New Year's Eve harbourside
8. See you later, Australia!
9. 'Kia Ora' from New Zealand
10. The end of the campervan as we know it
11. Iaorana (or maybe 'bonjour') from Tahiti
1. "Buenos dias" from Argentina
2. "Buenos dias" from Paraguay
3. 'Oi!' from Brazil
4. Taking the rough with the smooth
5. Final Score: 'Brazilian Mosquitoes' 87 - 'J & K' nil
6. "Buenos dias" from Bolivia
7. State of Emergency in Bolivia
8. 'Buenos dias' (again) from Peru
9. Four days of hiking, camping and not washing...
10. Deserts, cactii and banditos
11. Peruvian reflections
12. Goodbye Peru, Hello again Bolivia
13. '¡Buenos dias!' (once again) from Chile
14. '¡Buenos dias!' (yet again) from Argentina
15. '¡Buenos dias!' (for the LAST time) from Uruguay
16. The Final Frontier